Buy 4-day passes with or without accommodation (we offer a 4-star hotel in town). See details below.

a) FESTIVAL package with hotel: 2 or 3 nights (arr. Aug 4 or 5, dep. Aug 7 or 8, 2022)
Price depending on hotel choice (18% VAT included):
134,520 or 166,380 HUF (67,260 or 83,190 HUF/person) 
/ about 364 or 450 EUR (double occ.),
92,040 or 116,820 HUF 
/ about 249 or 316 EUR (single occ.)
Package includes:
– airport pick up and drop down
– shuttle transportation between the hotel and the festival site (morning and night only)
– hotel**** with breakfast (4 nights in Kecskemét in Hotel Aranyhomok)
– festival pass
Note that the above prices given in EUR are depending on the actual rate and they will most probably be lower than indicated.

Package (per room) price (+18% VAT)

b) 4-DAY PASS (without hotel and transfer)
Price (18% VAT included): 15,000 HUF
/ about 40 EUR