JAZZ CAPITAL Lindy camp & festival 2022

LOCATION: Kecskemét, Hungary, Benkó Zoltán Szabadidőközpont (known also as Domb Beach, also the venue of the JAZZ CAPITAL festival) – 1-hour drive from the Budapest Airport, 70 minutes from Budapest by train

Teachers of the swing dance camp:
Ari & Simon (Barcelona, lindy hop INT-ADV, ADV)
Ákos Bulyáki & Boglárka Bulyáki (balboa, lindy hop INT-ADV)
Dóra Kasznai (lindy hop BEG-INT, solo jazz, musicality class)
Ádám Kovács (lindy hop BEG-INT)
Árpád Pirovits (tap dance, body drumming)

Vocal and instrumental teachers: Éva Bolba (vocal), Balázs Cseh (drums), Péter Farkas (bass), László Fodor (reeds), István Gyárfás (guitar), Tamás Ittzés (jazz history, jazz theory, violin), Attila Korb (brass), Eszter Lukács (vocal), Iván Nagy (piano), Attila Rieger (guitar).

FULL PASS (Balboa or Solo Jazz + Lindy): 8x90 minutes (12 hours) plus 4 taster classes and 2 musicality classes, 3 theory classes, 5 hours of tap dance add-on, 3 evening party, pass for the 4-day JAZZ CAPITAL festival from Thursday to Sunday with 40+ hours of live music.

LINDY TRACK (Wed-Fri): 5x90 minutes (7,5 hours) plus 2 tasters, 1 musicality class, 1 theory class, 1 evening party, pass for the 4-day JAZZ CAPITAL festival from Thursday to Sunday with 40+ hours of live music.

Application deadline June 30, 2022. (Number of participants is limited, therefore applications re handled on the 'first come first serve' basis.) The criterion for finalizing the application is the payment of the participation fee.
Participation fee together with the entrance to the 4-day JAZZ CAPITAL festival (Aug 4-7, 100 musicians, 40+ hours of live music on 5 stages), depending on the indicated course and the required board and accommodation, is between 70 and 435 EUR. (Plus possible add-ons: tap dance or/and instrumental lessons.) If you don't want to pay for a 4-star hotel, cheap (10 EUR/day) accommodation can be booked individually at the campsite next door, as well as at a simpler guest house. Meals can be ordered separately through the organizers, the price of three generous meals a day is below 20 EUR! Find details below on the application form.

The participants of the Jazz Camp will also receive a wristband valid for all the programs of the 6th JAZZ CAPITAL festival (August 4-7, 2022)! After the Jazz Camp you can stay until 4 pm on Sunday (Aug 7) and enjoy the programmes of the JAZZ CAPITAL festival (40+ hours of music).

Applicants for the instrumental and vocal course will receive 5x60 minutes of individual lessons per person and there will also be an orchestra practice.